who we are

The Young Academy of Belgium (Flanders) is an interdisciplinary and interuniversity meeting place for young top researchers and artists with their own view on science, society, art and policy. Through opinion pieces and events on current topics, we aim to contribute to the public perception of science and the debate on science policy, specifically from the perspective of the young academic and artist.

OVERLAP is a project of the Young Academy’s art and science working group.

The Young Academy is part of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Sciences & Arts and can work thanks to a subsidy from the National Lottery.

website: JongeAcademie.be
mail : info@jongeacademie.be
twitter: @JongeAcademie
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Hertogstraat 1, B-1000 Brussels ‚Äď BELGIUM | +32 2 550 23 32